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We are an online platform designed to handle your business insurance needs.

Source quotations, set up new policies and then manage your entire insurance programme online and in real time using our apps

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The ARX Platform

A new way of approaching business insurance

Putting you in control of your insurance programme


Source quotations for new and renewal policies and then filter & sort them to help with decision making.

Use our zero commission, execution only model to minimise premium cost.


Manage information about premium cost, insured vales & claims across all policies online from a single dashboard.

View benchmarking data from your peers in similar industries to monitor your relative performance in terms of cover taken, premium paid and claims incurred. 


View policies and take care of notifying Insurers about changes during a policy period for active classes such as motor, mobile plant & equipment fleets or employee benefit programmes.

Co-ordinate risk management initiatives across multiple areas of your business.

Monitor payments and receive alerts about outstanding premium, upcoming instalments or profit rebate returns.

The ARX Experience

  • Inform

    Sign up, tell us about your business and complete the online proposal form for each class of insurance you would like quoted.

    Give us a deadline to come back to you by and indicate if you prefer the zero commission execution only service or the 2.5% commission basis for additional services.
  • Review

    Your quotation request will be sent out to the insurance market and quotations will be submitted by the response deadline you have set. The quotations will include a full wording of terms & conditions and a summary checklist of key points of cover, exclusions and premium cost.

    You can then filter and rank the quotations by a range of critieria, including cost, exclusions, satifsaction ratings from other customers. Benchmarking information will also be displayed to show where the quoted prices rank in terms of your peer group or previously quoted & accepted policies.
  • Instruct

    Once you have settled on a quotation you can proceed to instruct the Insurer to start cover from your desired date. The Insurer will submit your policy documents and premium invoice via the platform and you're up and running.

  • Manage

    Take care of all your ongoing administrative and information needs via the platform, including communication with us for support or your insurers for policy, premium or claims related issues.

What insurance do I need?

The industry you are in and your specific risk profile will determine the type of insurance you need.
Click your industry to get a better understanding of what insurance your business may need and why.

The Company We Keep

We work with the major players in the market to ensure you get the most competitive terms available

Asia Risk Exchange itself does not carry out any of the activity relating to insurance broking as defined to be under the regulatory scope of TBA and will refer you to ABC (ABC Online). ABC Online will provide the regulated aspects, including giving advice, sourcing & offering insurance quotations and binding cover and handling premium collection & payment to Insurers. Our advice on this site and the ARX platform is general in nature and before acting on the advice, you should consider how suitable it is givenm your needs & objectives. Always review the relevant policy wording before you make a decision about whether to purchase insurance and take into account professional advice from a regulated insurnance broker.